About TSCM

TSCM, the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, is a complicated and highly technical industry. It involves the detection, thwarting, and protection against any unwanted surveillance. Countersurveillance equipment includes camera/bug detectors, audio jammers, noise generators, etc., and it takes years of training and experience to utilize this equipment to its full potential as a TSCM specialist. 

Audio Bugs

Audio bugs are audio surveillance devices that can be placed in a room, on a person, and left behind to work as covert transmitters or bugging devices. Audio bugs do not always look like bugging transmitters built onto a miniature pc board with an antenna


Listening Devices

Listening devices, be they hidden listening devices or covert listening devices, are generally used for audio surveillance by means of one-way communications. A listening device can be a voice activated transmitter or voice transmitter that starts operating once it detects the sound of a persons voice.

Cellular Monitoring Equipment & Software


Cellular monitoring and communications intelligence or COMINT are solutions for Law Enforcement who use cellular interception and cellular interceptors to monitor for Law Enforcement.


Leading the world in advanced monitoring and intercept systems and engineering solutions, clients come to GCOM Technologies to solve difficult cellular monitoring projects, surveillance issues, and communication intelligence applications. GCom engineers are able to survey the geographic and demographic location for the deployment of cellular monitoring systems.

Hidden Cameras & Other types of Audio Surveillance Equipment


Audio surveillance equipment help collect conversations using listening devices and other electronic surveillance equipment. Audio surveillance equipment consist of surveillance recorders to store a conversation, surveillance transmitter technology, be it an RF audio transmitter listening device, laser surveillance or laser listening device, or an audio infrared transmitter.

About Us - What we can find

GSM Bugs


GSM bugs are small GSM listening devices that can be discreetly activated to monitor room or phone conversations. A GSM bug is able to be 'dialed into' by remote. That means you can activate GSM bugs by calling them up using a dial up phone. GSM listening devices, therefore, are operable anywhere you have access to a phone.


GSM bugs can work as a GSM room bug in order to monitor room conversations. They can also be used for audio bugging in a vehicle such as a car, truck, boat, etc. Because a GSM bug can transmit like a cell phone bug, it can be anywhere a GSM cellular phone network exists. 

We are able to find any kind of illegal eeavesdropping or video device, as well as any intelligence intercept device on any piece of equipment or mobile device. Our technicians are the best in the industry, both highly trained and highly experienced. Only trust your technical security with the best service provider available - Contact LaSorsa & Associates to regain your piece of mind.This is what we bring to the table - over fourty years of experience and the best training and equipment available, we are the leader in this industry. That is why if you feel that you may be a potential target of a bug or wiretap, it is imperative for your safety, privacy, and security that you place your trust in our expertise at LaSorsa & Associates.